Solve The Murder of Sherlock Holmes in a VR escape room

Interact with everything in an authentic voxel reconstruction of 221B Baker Street. Search for clues, play the violin, read books and become a oneiric detective. If you like solving puzzles and Virtual Reality, this is the perfect game for you.

Communicate with gestures
You don’t need to press any buttons to confirm actions. Make the OK gesture to progress when asked by the game.

Everything is interactive
221B Baker Street is full of objects you can interact with. Play Sherlock Holmes’ violin, smoke a pipe, mix chemicals and solve hidden puzzles in the room belonging to the most famous detective of all time.

A new spin on escape rooms
Solve an escape room within this dream world. You’ll find objects that don’t feel the pull of gravity and impossible mechanisms. You can do things that you cannot do in the real world. The important thing isn’t to escape, it’s to solve the mystery.

A universe to be discovered
The Murder of Sherlock Holmes is an independent game within the Oniria World universe. Oniria is a world that is much more fascinating than you can imagine: guilds, political corruption, nightmares, robots with souls… Discover how this oneiric society works in a future plagued by climate change where humans can only dream to survive. Enjoy another game inside a transmedia cyber-noir universe.