Dreaming can be a deadly adventure

Oniria Crimes is a unique interactive novel. Investigate crime scenes in an incredible dream world where objects are the witnesses of the crimes. Capture a serial killer. Defeat the nightmares. But beware: dreams can be deadly!

Interrogate the objects
When we dream sometimes everything seems so real… but what if the walls could talk? Then you could interrogate all the objects at the crime scene and discover the murderer. This is Oniria, the world where any detective would dream of investigating.

A twist to detective games
Means, motive, and opportunity. The main 3 factors of crime are the basis of the cases you will face. Even when you think that objects are kidding you, if you keep these principles in mind and apply the most elementary logic, you will be able to find the solution.

Everything is interactive
Each crime scene is full of objects that will tell you about the victim, the suspects and the world of Oniria. Puzzles, riddles, books… the amount of information can be overwhelming. But not everything is necessary to solve your case, pay attention to what really matters.

A brand new world
Oniria is a much more fascinating world than you can imagine: guilds, political corruption, nightmares, robots with souls… Discover how the society of dreams works in a future ravaged by climate change where humans can only dream to live. Oniria Crimes will be your first contact with an entire cyber-noir transmedia universe.