If you want to know more about Oniria World but don’t know where to start, or if you’re looking for new pieces of the puzzle, you’ve come to the right place.

The melting ice has caused the sea level to rise and the world’s major cities are under water: New York, Buenos Aires, London, Rome, Barcelona, Cairo, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney… are nothing more than rusty memories next to the fish.


Just before the first elections of the Dream Capital, a series of crimes plague P.D. Help Detective Santos and Inspector Torres to solve them.

The video game Oniria Crimes πŸ”— tells the story of a crucial moment in the lives of the inhabitants of P.D.

Secret police, elite group, secret agents… no one knows very well who the Rounders are and how they came about, but the reality is that they are a secret group dedicated to solving crimes in the dream world.

The Murder of Sherlock Holmes πŸ”— is a VR video game where you can find out more about this mystery.

We call them nightmares, but they are the natives of Oniria. Mysterious and generally aggressive.

In The Fable of the Kabu πŸ”— you can play for free a retro adventure starring one of them.