The Murder of Sherlock Holmes


Solve the crime of the century in a VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE

that will take you to 221B Baker Street

to investigate the murder of SHERLOCK HOLMES.

Do you have what it takes to unmask the culprit?

The Murder of Sherlock Holmes combines the fascinating genre of Escape Rooms with the total immersion in first-person virtual reality.

With a unique Voxel Art artistic style, players will be transported to the vibrant universe of Oniria, where every detail comes to life. Find the murderer of this famous character by investigating his own house.

The immersion of virtual reality and the challenges of the escape room offer a unique gaming experience.

Welcome to the land of dreams

Oniria World is Transmedia Science Fiction Fantasy

Noir Adventure

Narrative adventures with a detective twist for restless minds and lovers of dreams and mystery

Transmedia Universe

Immerse yourself in games, stories and interactive fictions that tell the stories of the world of dreams

Oneiric Distopy

What if dreams were our last refuge in a world flooded by water?


First game of oniria world


Dreams can be deadly

Solve crimes in the World of Dreams


6 voxel scenarios

Noir atmosphere

Original 3D puzzles

New mechanics in each scene

Endearing characters

Evolutionary gender

Interrogate all objects

More than 30 achievements

Leave nothing to investigate

Free mini game for you!

made of dreams
written words