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The Murder of Sherlock Holmes


Solve The Murder of Sherlock Holmes in a VR mystery room within the Oniria World metaverse.
Explore an amazing voxel recreation of Sherlock`s Room at 221B Barker Street.
A virtual reality experience for Oculus Quest 2.

Welcome to the land of dreams

Oniria World is Transmedia Science Fiction Fantasy

Noir Adventure

Narrative adventures with a detective twist for restless minds and lovers of dreams and mystery

Transmedia Universe

Immerse yourself in games, stories and interactive fictions that tell the stories of the world of dreams

Oneiric Distopy

What if dreams were our last refuge in a world flooded by water?

Oniria World is a project in which we explore the World of Dreams from fiction. Support us on Patreon! (only spanish for now)



Dreams can be deadly

Solve crimes in the World of Dreams


6 voxel scenarios

Noir atmosphere

Original 3D puzzles

New mechanics in each scene

Endearing characters

Evolutionary gender

Interrogate all objects

More than 30 achievements

Leave nothing to investigate

Other english translated mini games

made of dreams
written words

Friends of Oniria World

An award-winning metaverse

What is said about Oniria


Voxel art is awesome, creating colorful and precious cyberpunk scenarios in which you can find a thousand details and objects.
Ishtar Vega
The deep story in this dream world is perfectly combined with complicated and highly entertaining logic puzzles. All this full of references to pop culture and a wide sense of humor. An authentic gem that captivates you from minute one.
Alejandra Rosales
Invites us to read the world through each element that we find in it. Even the ones that seem most insignificant to us. Each object with which we interact will tell us its story, will reveal an identity to us through its own voice.
Mariela González
The Objective

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