Spring Upgrades

Hello dreamers!

We’ve been busy these last two months preparing the Alpha of The Murder of Sherlock Holmes and adapting our entire online presence to our next release. Check all our spring news right here!

The Murder of Sherlock Holmes goes alpha

The Murder of Sherlock Holmes is already in Alpha phase, which means that we have all the systems ready! Right now we are in the middle of a very intense testing for the game to get to your devices with the best quality.

We are already encountering the first difficulties when it comes to publishing in Meta Quest and we are aware that there may be more, so we cannot yet give a closed release date, although it will probably be after  summer.

The Murder of Sherlock Holmes

Among other things, we have decided to implement a “free mode” that allows you to explore Sherlock Holmes’ room at your own pace and discover secrets that do not appear in the main story.

Unification of Social Networks

Those of you who follow us on Twitter and other social networks will have noticed that we have left the cKolmos accounts inactive. We have done this to focus all communication on Oniria World’s accounts.

Cambio de cuentas

Here is an updated list of our networks.

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Collaboration with Punto de Partida


We have reached an agreement with Punto de Partida to promote our projects in a way that allows us, as developers, to focus on the quality of the games and not on their commercialization.

This collaboration will allow us to spend more time polishing the games and is already showing in the development of The Murder of Sherlock Holmes.

Welcome to the Oneiric Universe!

Oniria Crimes at the Steam Puzzle Festival

Oniria Crimes Puzzle Fest

We participated in the Steam Puzzle Festival with a juicy discount and now more players know about the intricate puzzles of The Crimes of Oniria.

There are mixed opinions about the Case 2 Japanese Box. You either love it or hate it. What did you think? Did you find it difficult to solve? Have you consulted a guide? Tell us in a comment.

Here are the next scheduled discounts for Oniria Crimes. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a perfect opportunity:

  • End of Spring (June 1st to June 12th)
  • Summer (June 29th to July 13th)

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And remember to leave a review after playing. Reviews help indie studios a lot, as they are the best way for new players to see if a game can be cool for them!


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