Oniria Crimes 1.14

The last few months have been very difficult for us. After disagreements with our publisher, we have decided to continue self-publishing Oniria Crimes, but to this day, console versions of XBOX and Nintendo are still published on some platforms and are out of our control or permission (Check Oniria Crimes will no longer be avaiable in console online stores for more info).

We wanted to release this new patch as a thanks for the community support.

Free DLC incoming

We will continue to improve Oniria Crimes as long as players continue to give us feedback. We are going to release a new patch and a free DLC with new content. The objective is to relaunch the game and reach the players who will really enjoy it: the dreamers and the readers.

Oniria Crimes has 100% positive reviews in Steam, but the reality is that, 2 years later, it didn’t receive the promo it deserves (by contract). So we are going to try, in our limited indie ways. If Oniria Crimes has to fail it’s ok, we want to see it fail, so we can learn and improve. But it’s not fair just to let it die without an effort. A real effort of promotion.

“Oniria Crimes introduces a welcome variation on mystery adventure conventions in an intriguing, attractive futuristic noir world with a rich backstory to be discovered. While some aspects could be improved, it’s definitely worth a look for players seeking out something different from the usual kind of detective game.”