ultralan VR

During the weekend we went to Ultralan and we have shown for the first time The Murder of Sherlock Holmes. Let me show you everything you have taught us about Virtual Reality in this event.

What you liked the most

Todo es interactivo

Everything is interactive

To be able to open the drawers and the doors of the furniture, to be able to take all the books from the shelves, but above all, that smoke comes out of the pipe when you pick it up!


The things in the ceiling

The table on the ceiling, the floating objects and the surreal and oneiric atmosphere are some of the things you liked the most. Especially to throw everything into the air.

What we learned


Fit your glasses properly

Although it seems silly, the gaming desire plays tricks on us. It is important to take time to adjust the glasses well before playing. We already know for the next events!


No light no game

When the lights went out for the concerts, Virtual Reality was over. Both for events and at home, lighting is important for a continous play.

Best of the event

You, as always 🙂


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